The main benefits of this program are the processing time of the nomination. Nominations are processed generally under 1 month and the province provides 2 nominations, one for work permit and the other for permanent residence.

The International Skilled Worker- Employment offer is for all skilled workers who meet the requirement of this sub-category. The criteria is not fixed though, it is subject to change whenever it needs to be amended. However, what is stated on the website should be met upon filing of your application. This sub-category is open for all skilled workers who have received a job offer in Saskatchewan.

In order to avail this, the employer is asked to confirm that the job offer is legitimate by providing a job confirmation letter. This is a process of the employer being registered with the province and then registering the position. Once the position is approved, the employer can add the name and date of birth for an official named job conformation to be used to apply to SINP.

Also, there is a designated trades list that allows low-skilled workers to apply through the provincial program’s nomination. There are only a few positions listed that are low skilled. It is important to mention as well that there are positions that do require certification like, Hair stlyists, HVAC, Early Childhood educators, and more.  It should be noted however that this should not cost the employer anything but that the employer should only provide the required document.

International Skilled Worker

An application is not guaranteed to be nominated even if it is accepted. The federal government can only accept a set number of SINP nominations each year.

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