A Refugee Travel Document is issued to refugees in Canada with protected person status, including Convention refugees and persons in need of protection. A Certificate of Identity is a travel document issued to persons legally landed in Canada for less than three years, who are stateless or are unable to obtain a national passport or travel document for a valid reason but who are not considered to have protected person status. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify for a refugee travel document in Canada or a certificate of identity click the above button for a consultation with one of our refugee professionals. If you need a refugee travel document or certificate of identity you need to contact us as soon as possible if you intend to travel outside of Canada.


The average processing time is 3 months. It is not affected by whether the application is submitted in person or by mail. As of March 2012, there is no formal process in place to expedite applications. If proof of urgency is provided along with the application there is a chance that Passport Canada will expedite on humanitarian grounds. However, the applicant must make a case for expediting the application and there is no guarantee that Passport Canada will process the application urgently.

If you don’t see your Travel Documents in Canada question in the FAQs, ask us! We will respond to any question within one business day.


There are two types of travel documents issued by Canadian authorities. The first is provided to Canadian permanent residents who are outside of Canada without their PR Card. It is provided to the holder for one entry into Canada so that they can then apply for their PR Card from within Canada.

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The second kind of travel document is an identity document issued by Passport Canada in place of a Canadian passport to those in Canada who are here as protected persons and cannot apply for a passport in Canada or in their home country. It allows the holder to travel outside of Canada, but the holder cannot use it to return to their home country.


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